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Updated on August 3, 2017

The intent of this page to offer a few resources for those of you who might be interested in finding information about a specific wildland fire. Or perhaps you are interested in looking for information about wildland fires burning in a specific region in the U.S. This is not going to be all inclusive list, and I suspect that some of you are already familiar with these sources. If you are looking for information about a particular wildfire or perhaps information on wildfires that may be burning in your State or Region, and don't quite know where to start, than some of the links on this page may get you started. In addition to what I include here, don't forget to check with your local media outlets. I have started an international section on this page, and have started with my friends in Canada.

Large Fires on Federal Lands

InciWeb Incident Information System: Status of active fires, includes resources deployed, fire size, maps, photographs, community meetings, etc. If you are hearing about a major fire on U.S. federal lands, chances are that you will find information on InciWeb. If you are hearing about a major wildfire that is burning on U.S. federal lands, you might find info on InciWeb. I should warn you that this site can be a little slow at times.

Current Large Incidents: includes links for satellite imagery, GIS data, google earth data and fire detection maps.

National Geographic Area Coordination Center Website Portal

The U.S. is broken down into several Geographic Area Coordination Centers (includes clickable map). You can find the region of the country by clicking on the map. The GACC's will post a morning briefing each weekday morning during their fire season and may have some sort of incident report showing major fires in their region. If a wildfire is not reported on the InciWeb page, you might find information about the fire on the appropriate GACC page. Other information is not available to the public, but you may want to poke around a GACC of interest to see what they have.

U.S. State level Wildland Fire Agencies

Wildlandfire dot com has a great links page where you may click in the state wildland fire pages to access their links to state agencies. At the time of this update (June 26, 2017) there may be some dead links, sorry about that.

Here are links to some State Agencies where there have been major wildfires in recent years, that I may have referred to in my blog: North Carolina, GeorgiaNew Mexico, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Texas, to name a few. I am personally interested in New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.  I have written about Alaska and Florida and sometimes check in on those two state agencies to see what is going on firewise.

Finally, CAL FIRE is the California State agency responsible for fighting wildfires in California.They have an excellent web page chock full of a variety of information about wildland firefighting. I have learned a lot about wildland firefighting by checking out some of their links, for example they have a Fact Sheet webpage with information about firefighting aircraft recognition (some of these aircraft are used nationally or are of a similar type to aircraft you might find in your own state or country). They also have a fact sheet on some wildland firefighting terminology. If I am looking for information about a wildland fire in California, I'll go to their webpage on current wildfire incidents in California.


Here are links to bushfire information in the various States/Territories/Regions in Australia. I think that I have covered all the States/Territories/Regions.
Country Fire Authority, Victoria
South Australian Country Fire Authority
New South Wales Rural Fire Authority
ACT Emergency Services Agency, Bushfires
Fire and Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia
Queensland Rural Fire Service
Tasmania Fire Service
Northern Territory Government, Australia - Bushfires

When looking at another country, I like to have an in-country based media outlet that is freely available that I can look at. One that I have used in the past is the Australia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

New Zealand
New Zealand Rural Fire Authority

Kwazulu Natal Fire Protection Agency (covers a portion of South Africa). Thanks to the Wildland Fire links page where I found this link under worldwide wildland.

Working on Fire (non-governmental): Working on Fire is an integrated fire management company with pages (see country pages) for Australia, Brazil, Chile, and South Africa. I found this link on the on the Wildland Fire links page  under worldwide wildland.

A couple of other sources for current wildfire information

One of the first sites I found for wildfire information was Wildlandfire dot com, I already referred tp their great links page. If you are looking for information on a specific wildfire burning in the US, you might want to check the Wildland Fire Hotlist Fire Forums by Area. Registration is required to access their Hotlist Fire Forums.

Wildfire Today reports on major fires and other news of interest to those interested in wildfires and aerial wild land firefighting. In late 2012, Bill Gabbert of Wildfire Today started a sister site called Fire Aviation where he reports on a wide variety of current news affecting all aspects of aerial resources used in wildland fire fighting.

Mike Archer (also a copywriter) has been doing a five-day a week newsletter called Wildfire News of the Day (WNOTD) for several years now. He pulls together media and other articles on that days wildfire news, listed by US State as well as by country globally. I have subscribed to Mike's newsletter for about six years and find it an invaluable resource. I save his WNOTD newsletters and often scroll through old editions for a specific time period looking for articles. You have to subscribe to the WNOTD newsletter which you may do so from this page on Mike's Copywritiing website.

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