Monday, December 01, 2008

Reflections on wildland firefighting and where I am going

This is not going to come out right, but I'll try. The more that I read about fighting wildfires, the more respect that I have for wildland firefighter. The more I read, the more I realize that wildfires are very complex, that techniques that work to contain one wildfire may not work on another. After a few weeks, I think that I might be starting to get a handle on some of the lingo, different types of wildland fire fighters, the different agencies, the differences between fighting wildfires in NJ and those out west. However, I can not begin to put what I am learning into words. Rather, I hope that whatever little knowledge and insight I have might help me as I begin to pursue my own special interests in wildfires.

I'm just beginning to get a handle on where my interests in wildfires will take me. I ask for your patience as I have some more reading and research to do before I say anything here. It also might be a couple of weeks before I can say anything substantial about this new direction in this blog. I have some business to attend over the next several days.

I will keep up with the blog in some way over the next several days, but I may or may not be writing about my journey of learning about wildfires.

In closing, what I can say is that I have new found respect for those who fight fires, whether you be wildland firefighters, structure firefighters, or a combination of the two. And these words feel wholly inadequate.

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