Friday, September 02, 2011

Hill Fire - San Bernardion NF CA

As I write this, I am watching live feed from KCAL in LA of the Hill Fire, the live stream that I am currently watching may be found here. Have been watching this feed with a 15 minute break for dinner for about one hour now.

As I understand it from the report on the KCAL page (see the link in the preceding paragraph), the Hill Fire has burned 800 acres and evacuations have been ordered. In the time that I have been watching I have seen the following aircraft working the fire: T-43 (P-2 from Neptune), one of the DC-10 tankers, 1 or more CAL FIRE S-2Ts (couldn't make out tail numbers), and one 'Crane.

I'd like to thank a friend who sent me a link to audio feed of the San Bernardino County System 1 - Fire Live Audio Feed from Radio Reference. My friend told me that there is a link in the wildland fire hotlist for the Hill Fire.

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