Friday, November 04, 2011

Always fire season somewhere

As wildfire season may be winding down in parts of the U.S., I am reminded that it is always fire season somewhere. For example, the summer wildfire season is approaching in Australia. Recent rains may have provided relief from years long drought in Australia. But with the rains, grasses have grown raising fears of grass fires. Two media outlets in Australia, Geelong Advertiser and Sidney Morning Herald report on the possibilities of grass fires.

A wildfire is burning in a UNESCO world heritage site, La Reunion National Park on La Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. The fires started on October 25 and have burned on the order of 6,400 acres with some 400 personnel responding. Go here for some information,

And in the U.S., Santa Anna Winds in Southern California continue to be a concern. See this Daily News (Los Angeles) article regarding fire concerns from a Santa Wind event on Nov. 2. Reports of two fires in California on Nov. 2, may be found in the California and Hawaii hotlist forums on here and here.

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