Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A-26 Tankers in Canada: Conair A-26 Tanker 28 (part 5 of 13)

Conair T-28 "Blue Canoe"
I have always liked Conair's T-28 because she started out in a blue and white paint scheme as you can see in the photo. One of my tanker pilot friends from Canada referred to her with some affection as the "Blue Canoe." I'm not quite sure when, but sometime before 1983 she was repainted in the Conair paint scheme as shown in a 1983 photo of Conair's livery of Tankers in the History of Aviation in the BC Forest Service: Part 2 Air Tanker Operations (2011, p. 18).

Conair acquired her in April 1974, selling her in November 1988. Assuming that she was flying through the summer of 1988 she would have flown for 14 or 15 seasons depending on how long it took to convert her to tanker configuration. For more information about her history, see the Warbirds Registry page on T-28 (Serial # 44-34520).

Thanks to Maureen Wilson for the photograph of T-28.

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