Wednesday, February 04, 2015

On the international wildfire front

I get a lot of my news about wildfires burning outside the United States from Mike Archers WNOTD in his six-day a week e-mail Wildfire News of the Day, which you may subscribe to here. Bill Gabbert also has good coverage of international wildfire news on Wildfire Today. I can’t do justice to all the international wildfire news in one short article. But I do want to acknowledge here that I am keenly aware that wildfires are a global issue.

To that end here are a few international wildfire news items of the last three to five days that have caught my attention with links where you can go for more information.

It is summer in Australia and that means bushfire season. The Northcliffe Bushfire in Western Australia that has burned 143,000 acres: Wildfire Today (Feb 3rd) and Wildfire Today (Feb 4th). See also: Yahoo - GWN 7 (Feb 3rd), The West Australian (with photo gallery), and Australian Broadcasting Corp on animal rescue.

Moving from Australia to New Zealand, the (Jan 31st) reporting that a 330 hectare wildfire in Flock Hill Station, New Zealand has been contained.

Finally, moving to Africa, n 86 acre wildfire in Uganda is covered by New Vision (Jan 31st). Note I had trouble loading this link, it worked intermittantly.

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