Friday, November 13, 2015

Tanker history - Conair DC-6 T-48 circa 1990

In my wonderings on Youtube just now I was reminded of this video. from 1990, of Conair DC-6 T-48 getting a load of retardant and then working a fire the Thunder Fire near La Ronge, Saskatchewan in June 1990. This may be a rerun from about four years ago. I enjoyed seeing this video again, and I hope that you do as well. Enjoy.

Direct link to video on Youtube


steve said...

I haven't seen that video in while. I find it interesting that they could load aircraft in only some cut off jeans.I started with the company 4 years after this was shot. Sorry to say there are no more Dc6's in our company

Random Ramblings NJ said...

Steve, thanks for sharing. I liked the video of the DC-6 which is why I posted. I can't really comment on loading aircraft in cut off jeans.