Friday, July 29, 2016

About the Erskine Fire (Kern County, CA)

I saw incredible footage of the Erskine Fire on Facebook yesterday which I will embed and link to in a little while. The Erskine Fire began sometime in the afternoon of June 23rd near Lake Isabella in Kern County, California. At the last update on Inciweb on July 6 2016, the Erskine Fire had burned 48,019 acres and is (or was) at 98 percent containment. Kudos to the wildland firefighters on the ground and in the air who worked this fire, some of whom are on mop up duty as I write this.

A couple of items interested me from the Erskine Fire's Inciweb news page:
You will want to check out Bill Gabbert's (of Wildfire Today) report with updates on the Erskine fire that may be found in this June 23rd article (with updates).

Burned Area Emergency Recovery on the Erskine Fire has started, for more information go to Erskine Fire BAER page on Inciweb.

Now for the videos. Both videos that I am embedding here are from High Desert News. The two videos are shot by and copyrighted by David Johnson of High Desert News. David, great footage!

June 23rd video by David Johnson of High Desert News is fire footage from the first day of the fire. Incredible footage, allow about seven minutes for the video.

July 2nd video by David Johnson of High Desert News, an interview with the Kern County Fire Department Captain (about seven minutes) includes information for residents that were affected by the fire and then current information on the status of the fire. The Erskine Fire is the largest wildfire to date in Kern County,

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