Monday, December 12, 2016

A little about Los Padres Engine 47 2016 Fire Season

As my regular readers know, I love watching various crew video's highlighting their wildfire season. Just today, and thanks (again) to my friends at NJFFS Section B-10 Fire Video Page, I was introduced to Engine 47 from Los Padres in the form of their video highlighting their 2016 fire season.

I know enough to know that Engines and their crew do important work in fighting wildland fires. And I know that the crew of Engine 47 from Los Padres do  important work in Los Padres (Los Padres National Forest in California).

I love watching the shots of airtankers and helos working wildfires, a shot of one of the DC-10 tankers on a ramp, the crew having fun, crew taking a well deserved rest, some nice sunset shots, smoke plume shots, shots from camp, shots of the crew, and of course shots from the fire line.

Direct link to video

Thank-you crew of Engine 47. Thanks for keeping us safe, stay safe. If you get some time off this winter, enjoy the time off with your friends and families.

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