Monday, July 24, 2017

Penn Swamp Fire NJ, Burlington County NJ

I wrote last Friday about a major wildfire that was then burning in a remote area of Wharton State Forest in Burlington County, NJ. To contain the wildfire the New Jersey Forest Fire Service crews did a large burn out operations that resulted in the wildfire growing to 3,500 acres. The fire was 100 percent contained on Saturday, July 22nd. However, fires continue burn in the interior, and may continue to burn for the next few days. Here is some information on the Penn Swamp Fire reported on July 23rd by my friends at the B10 NJ Wildland Fire page:

Crews completed a large burn-out operation achieving 100% containment at about 3,500 acres on 07/22/ Interior pockets of vegetation will continue to burn over the next several days. Crews will continue to monitor control lines. 
Batso Village has reopened to visitors but some trails remain closed.
New Jersey Advance Media reported on this fire on July 23rd.

The Penn Swamp Fire may be the largest wildfire that has burned in New Jersey in ten years, see this article from NJ Advance Media for more information.

It did rain last night, July 23rd into July 24th, I don't know what effect the rains had on helping firefighters to manage the interior sections of the fire that may still be burning. I'd imagine that the rains helped.

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