Monday, December 16, 2013

chipping away at ice and the Erickson Air Crane

Interesting title, huh? Between getting used to some changes in my google account and chipping away at the ice on my driveway, much of the day flew by. Yesterday we had our third snowfall in a week, and tomorrow a clipper system with some snow is coming through. I've measured almost seven inches of snow on my property. I had just finished cleaning up my driveway on Friday in anticipation of snow and freezing rain the next day. Saturdays snow was more difficult to get rid of because 3.5 inches of fluffy snow was compacted down to 1.5 inches after about 2/10th of freezing rain accumulated on top of the snow.

Still have some of this compacted icy snow in portions of my driveway, but it is passable. At least we have access. And after the snow ends tomorrow, I'll spend more time working on my driveway. I'm feeling greatfull for my ice chipper. Best thing since sliced bread. I do have a snow blower, but it is not real effective in 1.5 inches of compacted snow with a good ice crust on top.

Just one month ago I was worried about the dry fall we have been having. I found myself thinking about the fall fire season we had in November as I was chipping away at some of the icy residue on my driveway today. A rainstorm a couple of weeks ago and the snow this week has likely ended the fall fire season.

Now the Erickson Air Crane doesn't have a whole lot to do with chipping away at the thin layer of icy snow on my driveway, but it does have a whole lot to do with putting out fires. So, I'll leave you with this video that I found recently on youtube where you'll get to know the Erickson Air Crane up close and personal.

direct link to video


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