Thursday, December 05, 2013

Dromader crash in NSW Australia (10/24/13): update

About six days after the fatal crash of a Dromader tanker on Oct. 24, 2013
while on a firebombing run in New South Wales Australia the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (aka CASA) Bill Gabbert of Fire Aviation reported that CASA grounded seven Dromaders. A week later, on or about Nov. 6, CASA grounded all Dromaders as a cautionary measure, (see this article on AUNewsYahoo for more information). 

Later in November, CASA came out with directives requiring all Dromaders to pass specific maintenance checks on their wings and new inspections before they are deemed airworthy. On or about Dec. 2, 2013 the Australian Transport Safety Bureau issued its preliminary report of the Dromader crash citing fatigue cracking in a left wing lug. Witnesses reported seeing the left wing separate from the plane just prior to the fatal crash, for more information see this Dec. 2 article on AUNewsYahoo.

I continue to keep the family, friends, colleagues and all who love David Black, the pilot of the Dromader in my thoughts and prayers. May you continue to fly in favorable tail winds.

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