Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Scenic flight to Lancaster

It has been quite awhile since I have written about a scenic flight on this blog. This is partly because I haven't been on such a flight in five months. Various things such as end of the year holidays, a cold and then sinus problems that did not clear up until mid-January and finally bad winter weather kept me from flying. So, I went on a scenic flight to KLNS, Lancaster Airport in Pennsylvania with a great pilot whom I have flown with many time before. She and I always have a great time. Upon landing at KLNS we visited the pilot shop where I picked up some aviation charts. The weather was on the cold side, but the Cessna 172P was heated. Winds were light, some clouds at 5,000 ft. Snow still on the ground. I have included a few photos from the flight.

It was wonderful to be in the air again. I was home. I am hoping to go on another scenic flight in about three weeks. And if not, I'll fly in my own way as I have been doing for the last five months preceding today's flight.

Flying west over the Delaware River near Frenchtown, NJ

Over eastern Pennsylvania

Over eastern Pennsylvania

Taking off from KLNS on way home

On approach to home airport, windsock
Home again

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