Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Helos and their dip site (in support of 790 Fire in the Skylands Wilderness Area)

I found this amazing video quite by accident about 30 minutes ago. I love watching helos dipping. What makes this video special is seeing how the water gets to the dip tanks that you will see later in the video.  You will see to Air Cranes dipping.

According to the about this video information on youtube:

They had to pump water up hill 500 feet to transfer tanks,add bleach to kill any parasites then pump it up hill another 300 feet to the dipping tanks. This site was built on a hill side above Parker Creek a tributary of the upper reaches of the S. Frk. of the Rogue River. The Heli Dip Site was being utilized to fight the 790 fire in the Sky Lakes Wilderness Area. Site was built due to its close proximity to the fire and the short turnaround times. They where coming in every 4 to 5 minutes for re-loads.
For information about the 790 fire, which has burned 2,292 acres and is at 20% containment as I write this. go to the 790 fire page on inciweb.

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