Thursday, September 04, 2014

Station Fire - 5 years later - Remembering Ted Hall and Arnie Quinones

A little over five years ago, on August 30, 2009, I was following the Station Fire (latest post is first). One of my good buddies had told me that Los Angeles TV news outlets where showing live stream over the Station Fire from news helos that were flying over the fire.

Sadly, one of the first live streams that I saw were aerial shots from the news helo in the area where a tragic accident occurred that resulted in the death of two fire fighters: Ted Hall and Arnie Quinones. There is a nice page devoted to Ted and Arnie and the incident that took their lives on Always Remember.

As the five year anniversary of the Station Fire rolled around, I found myself thinking (again) about Ted and Arnie. So, in sharing my reflections of the Station Fire with you, I start be remembering Ted and Arnie. And remembering Ted and Arnie's families, friends, colleagues and all who knew and loved them.

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