Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Fire season still going on in CA

I know enough fire history to know that fire season never really ends in southern California. I recall the Panorama Fire that burned in southern California in late November of 1980. I recall hearing about it on the news because I had a lot spare time on my hands at that time because I was helping out a sick relative so I watched a lot of news on TV. In recent years, I've seen one or two videos on the Panorama Fire. This fire was fueled by Santa Anna Winds.

direct link to video

I also recall some wildfires in southern California in November 1980, I found a short article on wikipedia about three wildfires in November 1980.

I thought about these and other southern California November wildfires as I heard that Red Flag Warnings are in place in southern California today. For more information, see this article from the Ramona Sentinel. I have family and friends in southern California and I am comforted in knowing that CAL FIRE and other local fire agencies will work to keep southern California residents and business safe from wildfires.

And these are times of extreme drought in southern California, only making matters worse.

For information on the current status of the drought in southern California and elsewhere in the United States, see It is important to note that the drought information changes weekly.

Stay safe everyone!!

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