Monday, August 10, 2015

Tribute to Fallen Wildland Firefighters

What wildland firefighters do, whether they be on the ground or in the air, is very dangerous. Every year, wildland firefighters die in the line of duty. The video that I share below, from "GuardianofWhatsRight" is a tribute to fallen wildland firefighters that he uploaded to youtube in January 2015. As I write this, we mourn the loss of David Ruhal and Mike Hallenbeck (both articles posted on or about August 9, 2015 by Bill Gabbert of Wildfire Today)

Starting at about 2min 14 seconds into the video there are a few images showing the aftermath of fallen wildland firefighters (markers, a burned over area, scenes from a memorial service, photo of aircraft wreckage, etc.) The images end at about 2 min 46 seconds. I believe that these images are an important part of this tribute to fallen wildland firefighters.

direct link to video on youtube

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