Monday, February 22, 2016

2015 Soda Fire ESR -- Reflections

I conclude this series on the 2015 Soda Fire ESR with some of my own reflections.

As I reflect upon what I have learned in writing about the 2015 Soda Fire ESR Plan, I want to take a step back and begin with saying that I have enjoyed learning a little about the sagebrush-steppe ecosystem. I say that I have only learned a little because I know that watching some videos online and reading some documents only skims the surface about how special the sage-steppe ecosystem is. I have said this before in other contexts on this blog, and it bears repeating here. I hope that one day, I can visit this part of Idaho where the 2015 Soda Fire burned. It is unfortunate that I first made the acquaintance, so to speak of the sage-steppe ecosystem in western Idaho and eastern Oregon through this tragic wildfire.

Reflecting on the wildfire and then the 2015 Soda Fire ESR Plan, I keeping coming back to the complexity of stabilizing and then restoring this ecosystem (and any other ecosystem) after wildfires. At the same time through my correspondence with some of the Idaho BLM staff and reading what the Idaho BLM has shared about the ESR plan on social media I see that there are some very good and knowledgeable people who are overseeing and implementing the ESR plan. I can also see that they love the sage-steppe ecosystem. The BLM staff and others who are implementing the ESR plan are very well equipped to do so. They know what they are doing and I take a great deal of comfort in that. 

I hope that through my blog, I have given you a small amount of insight into what goes into post-fire recovery. The ESR plan will be going on for another four plus years. I look forward to following the progress made as the 2015 Soda Fire ESR Plan continues to be implemented.

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