Monday, March 14, 2016

Smokejumpers: more history

I wrote an article on Smokejumper history in July 2009, that I edited last summer to delete some outdated links. I was on  Archive dot org's Fedflix just now looking for another video which I have yet to find. In the course of my search on Fedflix, I found a 55 minute video called "Smoke Jumper Training for Airborne Fire Fighting in Missoula, Montana circa 1945-1949. I believe that this is a much longer version of the short (4 minute) version that I embedded in my July 2009 post on SmokeJumper History.

Some of you know that I appreciate the history of wildland firefighting, so it is in that spirit that I share this video here. Enjoy.

Direct Link to video on Archive dot org

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