Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fort Mc Murray (Alberta) wildfires - May 10th update

For those of you who are landing here to get updates on the wildfires that have been burning in and around Fort McMurray in Alberta Canada, I have made earlier posts on the wildfires on May 4th, May 5th (on the evacuations) and May 6th.

Here is some aerial footage from Global News, via Facebook (uploaded on May 7th) during a fly over of Fort McMurray. You will some of the destruction in the Abasand and Beacon Hills neighborhoods.

People are still urged to stay away from Fort McMurray, it may be at least two more weeks before it is safe for residents to return. Many areas of the city have no water, gas, or electricity. As I write this, the wildfires have burned 204,000 hectares (or almost 505,000 acres) and at least 2,400 homes and other structures have been destroyed. Government officials accompanied by media toured Fort McMurray yesterday. The downtown is largely intact and it is being reported that firefighters did save 85 percent of the structures in the city. See this CBC Edmonton article with videos and photos (last updated May 10th at 5:22 AM MT).

Here are some more photo galleries and videos:
Global News (photos and videos) during the May 9th media tour
TheStar (May 7th) photo gallery

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