Friday, May 27, 2016

Fort McMurray Alberta wildfire burned into Saskatchewan (May 27 update)

It has been over two weeks since I last wrote about the Fort McMurray (Alberta) wildfires on May 10th. I have seen this wildfire referred to as the Horse River Fire but I have no official word on this.

According to Update 25 (May 26, 2016) from the Alberta Government: this wildfire has burned more than 566,188 hectares (or 1,399,081 acres) in Alberta and 3,200 hectares (or 7,907 acres) in Saskatchewan. In addition to wildland firefighters from various provinces in Canada working the wildfire, the United States and South Africa have sent wildland firefighters (200 and 280 respectively) to fight this wildfire. Regarding aerial resources, there were 105 helicopters and 24 air tankers working the wildfire on May 26th. Utilities are in the process of being restored for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (includes Fort McMurray).

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(Thanks to Mike Archer's WNOTD updates)

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