Monday, September 05, 2016

Thank-you wildland firefighters for laboring on Labor Day

There are many folk who are working this Labor Day, a national holiday for many (but not all) in the United States. If I were to try to name an all inclusive list of those who are working this Labor Day, i would no doubt leave some out. So, I won't try.

I do want to pause and remember all of you who are working wildfires, and there are many large fires burning in the U.S. To all of you working wildfires today -- ground crews; air tanker, helicopters, lead plane and reconnaissance aircraft; all those supporting ground and air crews; dispatchers; NWS incident meteorologists; etc. -- I thank all of you. My wish for you is to stay safe so that you can finish your tour of duty and go home to your family and friends.

Please know that your work and sacrifices that you make is appreciated by me and by many others.

I offer this perhaps inadequately worded post as an expression of my thanks to all working wildfires in any capacity for all you are doing.

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