Monday, October 31, 2016

New Jersey Forest Service Fire Crew at Rough Ridge Fire (GA)

Thanks to my friends at the NJFFS AT Firefighters Association I now know that there is a wildland firefighting crew from the New Jersey Forest Fire Service deployed to the Rough Ridge Fire that is currently burning in the Cohutta Wilderness, Fanning County, Georgia. As you can see from the graphic, parts of Georgia are in an extreme drought. Please click on "more" under the graphic to read about the Rough Ridge Fire.

Here is a report from WDEF/News12Now on the fire, according to WDEF/News12Now (and I confirmed this by looking at todays morning report (updated frequently during fire season) from the Southern Area Coordination Center), the fire has burned 1,200 acres. I have not yet been able to find a webpage for information on this fire, if I do, I'll up date this article. According to information I saw in the morning briefing (updated frequently during fire season) for October 28th from the Eastern Area Coordination Center this crew was deployed on October 22, 2016.

Thank-you New Jersey Forest Service for helping out our friends in Georgia. Stay safe!

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