Monday, February 20, 2017

Historic Airtankers - CAL FIRE S2A Airtankers (1973)

Enjoying a little downtime today, Presidents Day in America. Enjoy this video from 1973 about the Grumman S2-A tankers that began to serve what was then the California Division of Forestry (CDF) in 1973. It is entirely possible that I have embedded this video at some point. And if so, it is worth sharing again. In the later half of this footage you will see some footage of TBM single engine tankers that flew for the CDF before the CDF acquired the Grumman S3A tankers and some Lynch B26 tankers.

I wrote about the Grumman S2-A (and the S2-T's), the last of which flew in 2005 here, they were replaced by the S2-T tankers which are still flying. I have several posts on the TBM Avenger that I you may read here, with the latest post at the top (sorry).

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