Monday, August 12, 2013

A-26 tankers in Canada: what’s coming up and when

I recently gave some examples of A-26 Invader Air Tankers that began their service in the U.S. before going to Canada. (see part 1 on August 5 and part 2 on August 7)I’m still working on this part of my series on A-26 tankers in Canada as I write this. That being said, I know that I’ll have articles about three Canadian companies that flew A-26 tankers -- Conair, Kenting, and Air Spray -- focusing on their A-26 operations. In addition, I’ll be writing one or more articles on some specifications and (hopefully) other flight characteristics of A-26 tankers. I’m still in the process of doing some research on the flight characteristics of A-26 tankers in Canada. I’d like to post the rest of this series when I have all articles completed. So, I’m not quite sure when I will be resuming this series, perhaps a couple of weeks, perhaps longer.

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