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A-26 Tankers that started service in the U.S. and went to Canada (1 of 2)

As I transition to writing about the A-26 Invaders long service as a tanker in Canada, I thought that it might be interesting to look some examples of individual A-26 Invaders that were owned by U.S. Companies who had tanker contracts that were later sold to Canadian companies in the early to mid 1970s.  

I will start today by writing about A-26 tankers that started service in the U.S. before going to Conair Aviation of Abbotsford, British Columbia. On August 7, I will finish up by writing about U.S. A-26 tankers that eventually went to Kenting (Ontario Canada) and Air Spray (Red Deer, Alberta).

Aero Union leases A-26 Invader to Conair

If you check out the napoleon130 A-26 invader tanker site has a page devoted to Aero Union you will see that Aero Union sold a number of A-26 Invaders to Conair in the 1970s. With one exception that I’ll go into soon, I don’t know how Aero Union used most of these Invaders so I am not including them here. 

Serial # 44-35323, U.S. registration N8026E. Aero Union acquired N8026E from Aeroflight sometime in 1969, converted her for use as a tanker where she flew as T-55. Conair leased her from Aero Union for the 1970 season where she flew as T-55 under Canadian registration CF-CDD. In September 1970, the lease with Conair was up, Aero Union reregistered as N8026E where she flew as T-(C)55 through 1972. Dempsey acquired her in 1977 flying her as tanker # 55 for one or perhaps two seasons.The napoleon130 A-26 invader tanker site has a page devoted to Aero Union where information on T-55 is given in the first aircraft listing. Warbird Registry on # 44-35323

Butler to Conair

Butler Aviation had two A-26 Invaders that were flown as tankers, both of which were later sold to Conair sometime in 1975.

Butler acquired the first A-26 Invader (serial # 44-3413, U.S. registration N5457V) used as a tanker (see First A-26 Tanker in the U.S.) in 1966, flying her first as tanker # A20 and later as tanker #16 for several seasons Butler last flew her as a tanker in 1974 or 1975. In 1975, she was acquired by Conair where she flew as tanker # 23 until 1988. At the time I write this article, the last information I have is that she is currently owned by Black Crow Aviation, go here for more information on her history.

Butler’s second A-26 tanker was serial # 43-22673, U.S. registration N9159Z acquired in 1966 apparently from Hillcrest Aviation (Oregon). Butler flew her first as tanker # F18 and later as tanker # 18 until she was acquired by Conair in 1975 (Canadian registration C-GLHM) Conair tanker # 24). Sadly, she crashed in July 1975 (listed as destroyed)  while flying a wildfire. 

The napoleon130 A-26 invader tanker site has a page devoted to Butler where there is information for both Invaders. However, that listing for serial # 44-3413 does not reflect her ownership by Black Crow Aviation. Warbird Registry on #44-3413 (does not reflect ownership by Black Crow).and Black Crow has a page with her latest history see Black Crow history of #44-3413.

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