Friday, September 06, 2013

Geronimo and Del Rosa Hotshots

I was looking around on Inciweb's page for the Rim Fire a little while ago because I wanted to check out their photo page. I figured that since this is such a large fire that there would be several pages of photos, and I was right. InciWeb had 144 photos on 15 pages. Perhaps you will want to take a look at some of these photos.

There was a method to my madness, so to speak. That is, I was thinking about the post I made yesterday about the Rim Fire, where I embedded a video from Sunshine Pictures showing the Geronimo Hotshots working the Rim Fire. I wanted to share a couple more videos of Hotshot crews at work, so I thought I'd start with the Geronimo Hotshots.

The Geronimo Hotshots are from San Carlos AZ, here is a short video:

When I was on the photo page from Inciweb's Rim Fire page, I saw a photo of the Del Rosa Hotshots. I believe that they are the oldest hotshot crew in the nation.

To my friends on the fire line, stay safe out there. Thanks for what you do for us.

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