Monday, September 09, 2013

Morgan Fire -- Smoke Plume Weather

The Morgan Fire near Mt. Diablo east of Oakland has burned 1,500 acres and is 10% contained. The fire started yesterday afternoon. If you want more information on this fire, Bill Gabbert of Wildfire Today has an article on the Morgan Fire here, SF Gate has an article with some photos reported on the Morgan Fire earlier today, finally NBCBayArea reports and videos on the fire (including the video I embedded below). When I was checking out NBCBayArea's reporting on the fire, I was intrigued by the short video on smoke plume weather as relates to the Morgan Fire.  I thought that some of you might be interested in this video, so I am embedding below. I don't know how long this embed code will work, however, I enjoyed what the meteorologist had to say about smoke plume weather so I am giving this a shot. I'll try to remember to check back here periodically to see if the embed code continues to work.

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