Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hurricane Camille -- 45 years ago (Aug 16-21, 1969)

direct link to video on youtube

Some of you know that I have an interest in weather and meteorology stemming from my interest in aviation. So, I thought I'd pause today to remember Hurricane Camille, a category 5 Hurricane that hit the Gulf Coast in August 1969.

Hard to say how well I remember Hurricane Camille, because I have heard about the damage she left on the Gulf Coast. After she was downgraded to a low pressure system she dumped over 25 inches of rain in a corner of Virginia. I was getting ready to return to high school (20 miles north of Baltimore) at the time so the rains that hit Virginia were south of us. I suspect that heard about her through TV news reports.

A map of her track may be found here on the facebook page of the US National Weather Service Mid Atlantic River Forecast Center.

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