Monday, August 18, 2014

Wildland firefighting crews from the east and south helping out west

As many of you know, wildfire fighters from around the U.S. are working wildfires out west. The video report above is an interview by NECN of MA Fire Warden David Celino and MA state fire fighter Roy Liard. The crew from MA worked the Chiwaukum Complex Wildfire in Washington, returning from a two week deployment late last week. Another article about this deployment may be found on Gazettenet.

A wildland firefighting crew from Alabama (article from the Gdsden Times returned from a two week deployment last week. They were working the Carlton Complex Wildfire in Washington.

Wildland firefighting crews from Delaware (article from the State of Delaware) and Pennsylvania (article from the Patriot News). I suspect that the New Jersey Forest Fire Service may have sent wildland firefighting crews to help fight wildfires out west, but I have no article to link to at the moment. 

I'd like to thank all of my friends from the east and the south and all the other crews that I am leaving out who are deployed out west to help fight the wildfires. I think all of you are wonderful. Thanks so much! Stay safe everyone. 

Added on August 21, 2014: After I posted this article, I found a short article dated August 15, 2014 about the New Jersey Forest Fire Service sending an engine (and crew) to help with the wildfires burning out west, go here for the story from 1strespondernews

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