Friday, October 03, 2014

Helos over a wildfire in British Columbia Canada

I know that I haven't written much about my friends in Canada this fire season. I understand that my friends in British Columbia have experienced a very active wildfire season this year. I'll try to look for an article that I can link discussing or summarizing this year's wildfire season in British Columbia and if I find an article, I'll revise this article.

Updated on October 6, 2014: According to the current statistics page of the British Columbia Wildfire Management Branch, as of October 5, 2014 there have been 1,428 wildfires that have burned 359,260 hectares (1 hectare equals approximately 2.47 acres). Some statistics and averages for the prior ten years may be found on the B.C. Wildfire Management Branch Fire Averages Page. Of note, in 2010 1,673 fires burned 337,149 hectares with the next highest year being 2003 with 2,473 fires burning 265,053 hectares. By the way, the B.C. Wildfire Management Branch Current Situation Page has some links to current statistics, fire averages, and other useful information.

In the meantime, regular readers will know that I love watching helos dipping and working fires. I came across this video today thanks to my friends at the NJ Forest Fire Service weekly video page (there may be a different set of videos from what I accessed today). There are some great aerial shots taken from the helo of dipping and bucket work over a wildfire that burned in August 2014 North of Ft. Grahame near the Finlay River in British Columbia.

direct link to video on youtube

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