Monday, May 18, 2015

A look at the Maine Forest Rangers Helicopters

Continuing with the wildfire season in New England, here is an excellent video from WLBZ 2 in Bangor Maine. This is a video segment from Bill Green’s Maine focusing on the helicopters that the Maine Forest Rangers use to help ground crews fight wildfires in Maine. They have six Hueys with buckets. I know enough about Maine to know that there are vast stretches of forested areas in Maine and I for one am glad that the helos are there to help the ground crews. The Chief Ranger Pilot, John Crowley provides an excellent discussion on the use of helos in Maine as well as how the bucket works. I was especially interested in Mr. Crowley’s description of how the bucket works, something I have not heard described all that often. Please go to the link and llow about six minutes to watch this great video. Enjoy.

Direct link to WCSH6 Portland ME (Bill Green’s Maine)

The Maine Forest Rangers, a division of the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry has a freely available Facebook page (you don’t need an account) that may be found here.

Note added on May 20, 2015: When I first wrote this post, I embedded a great video from WCSH6 in Maine (Bill Green's Maine) about how the Maine Forest Rangers use helicopters to fight wildfires. The embed code was set so that, depending on your browser settings, the video might play automaticially. Because I thought that autoplaying a six minute video might detract from your experience in enjoying this blog, in particular upcoming videos, I have deleted the embed code. But the above link should still work, and I encourge you to go to the link and watch this six minute video.

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