Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hurricane Hunters - 53rd Weather Recon Squadron (Air Force Reserve)

Last week one of Hurricane Hunter Aircraft (C-130-J) that NOAA uses to fly into Hurricanes stopped in Egg Harbor Township NJ, near Atlantic City, one of five stops on an East Coast Hurricane Awareness Tour. In addition, a NOAA G-IV participated in this tour. For coverage see:

The National Weather Service, Mt. Holly NJ has two pages of photo with tour highlights that may be found here and here.

Press of Atlantic City (May 5) (with photos, video and nice graphic looking at the work of a Hurricane Hunter)

Asbury Park Press (May 5th) (includes a video interview with Dr, Rick Knabb, director of National Hurricane Center with a focus on the importance of evacuation in advance of Hurricanes).

From the Hurricane Hunters Association - 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron (Air Force Reserve)
Frequently Asked Questions
The plane (C-130J)
The people

I have been doing some reading on Hurricane Hunting aircraft recently and hope to post more articles about these special aircraft who do their work to keep all of us safe from Hurricanes. Safety meaning have a good forecasted track of the Hurricane so that evacuation can be put in place so that people can get away from the storm.

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