Wednesday, May 27, 2015

USAF Hurricane Hunters fly into Hurricane Sandy (2012)

Join an aircrew from the USAF Reserve 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron as they fly their C-130J into Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012. A day I’ll never forget as that was the day that Super Storm Sandy came ashore onto New Jersey. This video was uploaded to Youtube by Airboyd. The video is by Technical Sgt. J Wilcox of the 1st Combat Camera Squadron.

Thanks to the work of the Hurricane Hunters (from the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron as well as NOAA’s P-3’s) we in New Jersey knew where Sandy would strike, and she came ashore where expected. A lot of lives were saved because of evacuation orders that were in place. And for those of us who were inland, well we were told what to expect. For many, living through it was another thing. We only lost electricity for several days and had some minor and easily repairable property damage. Others were not so fortunate.

direct link to video

I will resume posting on Hurricane Hunters on June 1st. Stay tuned.

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