Wednesday, July 22, 2015

good resource on UAS -- "No drones in firezones"

After I made my last post on UAS (drone incursion) near wildfires on July 20th, I learned about a new website called No Drones in Firezones from a good friend of mine who is involved in this website. This website is chock full of information about the dangers that unmanned aircraft systems ("drones") pose when they fly near or over wildland fires. Much or all of the informationt that I have already linked to in earlier articles on the dangers of drones near wildland fires may be found on No Drones in Firezones. As such, I want to be sure that you know about No Drones in Firezones.

For example, I learned from No Drones in Firezones that Rep. Paul Cook (R- Apple Valley) introduced a bill on July 10th known as the Wildlife Airspace Protection Act, those flying unmanned aircraft systems ("drones")  that interfere with wildland firefighting operations on federal property. I also learned of legislation introduced in the California State Legislature addressing the issue of unmanned aircraft systems ("drones") interfering with wildland firefighting operations.

Finally, I found the following video on No Drones in Firezones, a multiagency press conferences on the dangers that  unmanned aircraft systems ("drones") pose to wildland fire operations. The video was uploaded to youtube on July 10th. It is possible that I saw excerpts from this video earlier, but only learned about this almost 9 minute video the other day:

Direct link to video on youtube

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