Friday, July 10, 2015

Martin Mars has one month contract for B.C.

You may recall that I wrote about Coulson's Martin Mars on July 8th (with a video of her). I was very happy to read in a couple of British Columbia media outlets that Coulson's Martin "Hawaii" Mars has a one month contract. The announcement was made by the British Columbia Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources on Wednesday afternoon, July 8. It will take a couple of days to get her ready, with the hope that she will be ready to fly fires this coming weekend. You might want to see this article from the Alberni Valley Times and another article from the Vancover Sun. The Martin Mars can drop 7,200 gallons or 27,276 litres of water and foam.

Once she is ready to fly fires, she will be a big help in helping wildland firefighters on the ground fight wildfires that are burning in British Columbia, one of which is buring on Dog Mountain on Sproat Lake where the Hawaii Mars is based. Coulson's other Martin Mars, the Phillipine Mars is not in condition to fly fires.

For more information on the wildfires burning in British Columbia:

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