Wednesday, July 01, 2015

A little about the Park Hill Fire (San Luis Obsipo County, CA)

I learned about the Park Hill Fire from my friends from the B10 NJ Wildland Fire page when they posted a couple of videos from this fire on their fire video page on or about June 298th (videos may be different when you go the site).

I got interested in the videos, he had a couple videos from this fire including the first one that I will share with you in a moment. So, I went on youtube and found a couple more videos of tankers dropping on the Park Hill Fire.

The Park Hill Fire (San Luis Obsipo County, CA) was first reported on June 20, 2015, burned 1,791 acres, destroying 2 homes, 4 mobile homes, 2 RVs that were primary residences, 10 outbuildings and 7 vehicles. Four people were injured. The fire was 100 percent contained on or about June 24, 2015.

This video, one of several that SLOStringer recorded while the Park Hill Fire was burning was sbot the afternoon of June 20th. For example he shot some footage on Sunday morning June 21st showing areas burned, utility crews restringing wires, and some tanker drops. The footage below is from about 6 PM to nighfall on Saturday, June 20th (allow 9 minutes to watch the video).

direct link to video

Here is a video, also by SLOStringer, of what I think is T-60 (a DC-7) dropping on the Park Hill Fire:

direct link to video

I finish off with a video uploaded by Louis Haddad of a DC-10 tanker dropping on the Park Hill Fire.

direct link to video

Nice job everyone! Thank-you ground and air crews for keeping us safe.

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