Tuesday, January 26, 2016

California wildfires - 2009

Like many others in the east coast USA, I got almost 2 feet of Snow Friday night January 22nd into Saturday January 23rd. My snowfall was 23 inches. Other areas saw from 24 inches to 30+ inches of snow. Thanks to some great help, I am dug out. But I did my share of shoveling before turning it over to a friend who offered to help. So, I think that you can understand that I was a little tired yesterday with the requisite sore muscles. So, I did not get online to post.

Like many, the blizzard put me behind schedule, I expect to resume work on a one project today.

I was looking around for an interesting video to share with you this morning and came across a nice video from Alan Simmons, a 9 minutes of highlights from his 2009 California Firestorm Video. Enjoy. Stay safe.

Direct link to video

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