Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Updates: 16 Mile Fire (PA) and Sam's Point Fire (NY)

April 27, 2016 at 2 PM

I'd like to begin by thanking the Smokey Bear Hotshot crew for coming east to help my wildland firefighter friends fight the Sixteen Mile Fire.

I prepared a map for you showing the locations of the two eastern wildfires that I have been writing about recently. I used the GeoMAC Wildland Fire Support website and used their launch viewer feature to prepare and than make a jpeg image mapping the two fires. I thought that some of you might want to see the location of these two wildfires (16 Mile Fire in  the Pocono Mountains in PA and the Sam's Point Fire near Ellenville -- Ulster County -- NY) that I wrote about yesterday (April 27th).

Prepared on April 27th from
Sam's Point Fire

According to an April 27th report (video, picture, and a map) on the Recordonline, the size of the fire is 1,574 acres and is at 35 percent containment. Perhaps this downsizing of the wildfire acreage burned is due to better mapping of the wildfire? In another post, there are three videos of firefighting operations that you might like to see, you may watch these Recordonline videos at this link. For some reason, these short videos took awhile to load, I hope you have better luck. Story and photo gallery from News10 -- Albany NY.

Sixteen Mile Fire

The Pocono Record is reporting in an April 27th article that the fire is at 60 percent containment. I have seen higher figures elsewhere but am reporting the lowest containment figure. The acreage burned remains at 8,030 acres as I write this and there do not appear to be any more structures that have been destroyed. The tally of destroyed structures remains at eleven. There will be a community meeting tonight hosted by the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources tonight (April 27th) at the East Stroudsburg Highschool North Campus at 279 Timberwolf Drive.

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