Friday, April 28, 2017

Florida Wildfires - April 28th

Florida continues to have a very active 2017 wildfire season as you can see from the following article from the Florida Forestry Service. I know that the Florida wildland firefighters have been working hard to protect the folk in Florida.

As I write the Florida Forest Service has a map of currently burning wildfires (as of April 28th) that I am sharing below. The information on the Florida Forest Service Wildland Fire Current Wildfire Page changes frequently, but if you are reading this article today you will see that they have several maps of individual wildfires.
obtained on April 28, 2017 from

Here are forecast fire danger indices from the Florida Forest Service.

Finally Florida County level burn bans.

Here are a couple of videos, thanks to my friends at the B10 NJ Wildland Fire Page for the links to these two videos. These videos reflect wildfire activity about a week ago. I am not sure what the current conditions are.

Collier County FL, Golden Gates Estates (video uploaded on April 21st)

Direct link to video on Youtube

Polk County, FL (video uploaded on April 21st)

Direct link to video 

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