Wednesday, April 12, 2017

15-acre wildfire in Norvin Green State Forest, NJ (contained)

I got wind of a wildfire in a remote section of Novin Green State Forest thanks to Mike Archer's Wildfire News of the Day for April 11th, thanks Mike! Mike Archer linked to a short article from North Record (April 11th). This wildfire was in "rugged terrain",  an air tanker and a helicopter with a bucket helped the wildland firefighters on the ground to fight the wildfire. The cause is unknown.

Years ago I went on a couple of day hikes in Norvin Green State Forest, so I went on Google Earth to get an image showing the approximate location of the wildfire in northern Passaic County not far from the New York State line.

Approximate location of April 11th wildfire in Norvin Green State Forest in northern New Jersey
I knew that wildland firefighters from northern New Jersey would have fought this wildfire. As luck would have it, I found a facebook post with more information from the NJFFS A2 Firefighters Association posted on April 12th. Bravo 1, an Air Tractor 802 along with Huey Delta 7 and bucket worked the wildfire. The wildfire was contained at 15 acres by the evening of April 11th. Crews from New Jersey Forest Fire Service Section A2 worked this wildfire.  Job well done everyone!

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