Wednesday, August 02, 2017

More IMET trainees deployed to wildfires

Several days ago I wrote about Incident Meteorologist (IMET) Trainees with the help of my friends at the US National Weather Service IMET Facebook page, see my July 21st post for more information on IMET training. I was perusing the IMET Facebook page just now to see what is going on when I saw that three IMET trainees have been deployed to three different wildfires since July 31st. I wish all these IMET trainees deployed to these three fires as well as other IMET trainees not currently deployed safe wishes as you complete your task books under the guidance of an experienced IMET mentor.

IMETs save lives!

On July 31st IMET trainee was enroute to Modoc July Complex; 73,735 acres burned at 35% containment)

On August 1st IMET trainee was enroute to Lolo Peak Fire; 6,302 acres, burned no containment information. Here is a three minute video on Lolo Peak Fire Strategy and Tactics that you might enjoy and another video of an IMET releasing a radiosonde weather balloon last week to collect meteorological data.

On August 2nd, IMET trainee enroute to Sapphire Complex Fire; 12,775 acres at 5% containment

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