Friday, January 02, 2009

Obama on wildfire policy

While checking out wildfire news on the Wildfire Today blog, I found this story on Obama's wildfire policy. The document can be found here.

I was especially interested in Bill Gabbert's (author of Wildfire Today) comment:
We don't recall any Presidential candidate having a specific, written position on wildland fire before this election.

I was interested enough to check out Obama's statement for myself. So, I thank Bill Gabbert and Wildfire Today for putting the statement out there. I'm not sure that I would have found it without his blog.

At this point, Obama's statement is just that, a statement of how he envisions the role of the federal government in wildland firefighting policy. I will be interested to see if, after Obama has been in office for awhile, there is any chatter about Obama's wildland fire policy on various wildland fire blogs and websites.

Speaking from the point of view of someone who is still learning about the world of wildland fire fighting, I hope that Obama is listening to and getting sound advice on his wildland fire policy from experts in the field, including those who are or have been wildland fire fighters.

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