Friday, July 19, 2013

Mountain Fire (CA) update 2

Following up on the article I wrote a couple of days ago on the Mountain Fire in or near San Bernadino National Forest in southern CA. As I write this, according to the latest update from CAL FIRE (incident information no longer available), the fire has burned 24,818 acres and is at 15% containment.

I am out and about the next several days so it is unlikely that I'll be able to write about the Mountain Fire, however Bill Gabbert of Wildfire Today is doing is usual great job covering wildfires. So I am more than happy to refer you to his website. He has an article with some videos of the Mountain Fire, including a 39 minute video that he posted yesterday. I haven't looked a all of these videos yet, but will do so when I am done here. He also has an article that he updates frequently reporting on the Mountain Fire itself that may be found here.

Finally Mike Archer of Firebomber Publications has several articles over the last few days on the Mountain Fire (15 July and continuing through July 19th).

Revised on October 12, 2015 to remove a dead link.

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