Monday, July 15, 2013

Northern Quebec wildfire activity

Here are two videos that I found on this page on, dated 5 July. The map at the bottom of that article shows where the fires were burning on 5 July. The two videos were recording on or about 3 July near Nemiscau Quebec.

direct link to video

direct link to video

I'm not quite sure about the status of these particular fires shown in the above videos. However, I saw an article over the weekend, dated 10 July that Massachusetts sent a 15 member type 2 crew to Quebec to help with fight wildfires. Maine is sending a crew of six to Quebec. Go here to read the Masslive article, which also discusses the wildland firefighting compact between the New England States, portions of New England and the eastern Canadian Provinces. In addition Wildfire Today reported on the New England Firefighters being sent to Quebec on 14 July.

I found some satellite photos of the fires in Quebec taken on 8 July showing a smoke plume and a burn area from some wildfires burning in Quebec. Go here to see these photos.

The Canadian Wildland Fire Information System has a nice set of maps as well as links to other information about wildland fires in Canada. I found a webpage in both French and English from Quebec's wildland fire fighting agency, go here. I should warn you that I was having a little trouble with the website, perhaps something to do with translating the site into English. But if you want a little more detail on the wildland fire situation in Quebec, this site should help you out.

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