Friday, November 15, 2013

NJ Forest Fire Services helping out at WV Wildfire

The Smoke Hole Fire is still buying in the Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia. The wildfire (WV-MOF-130010) continues to be reported in the morning briefing (under the intelligence page) of the Eastern Area Coordinating Center (EACC). In this morning's briefing (Nov. 15), the EACC reports that the fire has burned 1,450 acres and is 30 percent contained, reporting that crews have made significant progress in constructing line.  A helicopter continues to work the fire.

I knew from media reports that other states had sent wildland firefighters and equipment to West Virginia to help fight the Smoke Hole Fire (go here). I found out yesterday from both the NJ Forest Fire Service Section B10 website and this article dated Nov. 13 from MetroNews - The Voice of West Virginia that New Jersey send a crew to work the Smoke Hole Fire. According to the NJFFS Section B10 website, the NJFFS sent a type 4 truck and 3 crew to West Virginia.

A photo gallery from photographer Darin Vance who was embedded with the U.S. Forest Service posted this photo gallery on WV MetroNews. Another article about the Smoke Hole Fire with links for more information may be found on the WJLA --ABC7 -- Weather Blog (Nov. 14).

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