Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wildfire in Middlesex County NJ

My friends in New Jersey Forest Fire Service Section B-10 are battling a multi-acre fire in Old Bridge, NJ. The wildfire was first reported about 8 AM this morning. Evacuations are in place and Cheese Quake State Park has been closed and evacuated. A helo with a bucket is on the way. Winds are gusting from 30-40 mph in places and Red Flag Warnings are in place until 6 PM. For more on this fire read this article from the Courier News and check out the New Jersey Forest Fire Service Section B-10 webpage (scroll down a bit to their current fire news).

This is the only wildfire that I know of, so there may well be other wildfires that I don't about.

I'm having intermittent problems with my internet connection. If I am able to get update information on the wildfire, I'll update later. Otherwise, check out the two links that I provided.

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