Friday, January 24, 2014

In honor of a special lady -- Martin Mars

I just got back from an eye check-up which means that my pupils are dilated and I am having hard time doing computer work, so I'm taking a few hours off from work. I came across a nice 8+ minute video the other day of the engine start up of the Martin Mars known as the Hawaii Mars. She is one special lady and did a lot of good work for many, many years fighting wildfires in support of firefighters on the ground. I love watching her, and I thought that you might enjoy watching her as well.

direct link to video


o said...

I have Made a Video of this plane
Please take a look

Random Ramblings NJ said...

O, Great video, a great tribute to a special lady. Thanks for sharing this with us. Everyone, I just now watched the video, I hope that you do as well. You might have to copy and paste the url for the video into a new browser window.