Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January wildfires in Oregon

Southern California is not the only west coast State that has seen wildfires in January. Oregon saw some wildfires last week, I'm not sure about Washington. The Oregon Dept. of Forestry (ODF) has a Facebook Page, and I am 99 percent certain that you do not need a Facebook account to see the page, but you will need a Facebook account to access other features. Anyway, I went to the ODF Facebook page to check up on the status of the wildfires that I had heard about last week, and I saw in post that they made on Jan. 28th that the wildfires that were

reported at the end of last week are under control, in mop-up, and final reports are being issued --all fires will continue to be monitored in the upcoming months (ODF, Facebook post on 28 January, 2014)
I am sharing a video report (posted on Jan. 24, 2014) from Fox 12 Oregon on the wildfires that were burning last week in coastal Oregon. 

direct link to video

As always, I'm never certain how long this embed will work, so if you are arriving at this page sometime after I posted this and the embed code doesn't work, you'll know why.

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