Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wildfires burning in Chile and Australia


I have been hearing about the bad wildfires that have been and continue to burn in Chile. This is a video report from January 6, 2014 showing some fire footage and health alerts in 
Santiago because of the smoke conditions.

And here is another update (dated January 15) talking about the current situation in Chile where more sixteen wildfires continued to burn and eight of fifteen regions in Chile have areas of varying sizes burning. On the 13th, Chilean officials asked for international help including but not limited aircraft, go here to read that story


As I understand it, wildfires continue to burn over many regions in Australia. The BBC News has a short video (with footage of helos working fires) that may be found here. The Telegraph has a nice photo montage of the bush fire season and the accompanying heat wave that may is located on this webpage.

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